As you study the pedigrees in our program, you will find that the majority of our females offer multiple generations of the breed’s most proven AI sires. These pedigrees also offer genetic uniformity, which helps in providing stout bulls that will transmit that uniformity to their progeny. All of the sires we use and many of those found in our foundation genetics represent cattle that possess what we believe to be the most important economic traits:

  • Calving Ease
  • Elite Growth
  • Superior Carcass Merit
  • Unmatched Maternal Traits
  • Docility
  • Ultimate Structure and phenotype

Cow Families

Below are our current cow families. Click the links below to learn more about them.



Featured Cow Family


EXAR Henrietta Pride 6770

Owned with 4 Sons Farm, Cynthiana, Kentucky

Henrietta Pride 6770 presently ranks among non-parent females in the top 2% for REA; 4% for Milk; 5% for CW and $W; and 10% for WW, YW< $F and $B. The dam serves as the cornerstone of the Express Ranches, Deer Valley Farm and Pollard Farms donor programs and is closing in on $4 million in progeny sales. The dam records a WR 2@105 and a YR 1@100 while carrying an ultrasound REA ratio 140@103 with 31 daughters maintaining a combined WR 44@101.
Three quarter siblings to Henrietta Pride 6770 include: Henrietta Pride 5152, the $142,000 valued half interest selection of Bornemann Angus in the 2014 Big Event at Express Ranches; Significant 1769B, the $135,000 top-seller of the 2012 Bases Loaded Sale and feature of the Genex roster; Waukomis 1539, the $110,000 top-seller of the 2012 Pollard Farms Sale selected by Rimrock Productions; Henrietta 2636, the $100,000 valued member of the Deer Valley Farm and Wheeler Ranches programs; Henrietta Pride 1554, the $80,000 top-selling female of the 2012 Pollard Farms Sale selected by Vintage Angus Ranch; Henrietta Pride 2539, the $31,000 top-selling heifer of the 2013 Pollard Sale selling to Vintage Angus Ranch; Henrietta Pride 5162, the foundation donor in the Ward Ratliff Angus program; and Henrietta Pride 1970 selling in the 2013 Big Event to Allison Family Trust. Maternal sisters to the donor dam of headline the herd sire producing Henrietta Pride family in the 2015 Deer Valley Farm sale and include: Henrietta 5198, the $80,000 selection of Vintage Angus Ranch; Henrietta 5361, the $60,000 valued half interest selection of Express Ranches; and Henrietta 51201, the $30,000


ACC Rita 7004

This daughter of the Number 2 sire of progeny registered in 2017 was produced by the Angus of Clear Creek daughter of the $150,000 valued G A R Retail Product 1712 whose two natural progeny have an average weaning ratio of 107 with 10 progeny scanned recording an average %IMF ratio of 101 and at the 2014 Texas Angus sales in Fort Worth son sold for $6,000 to Billy Stewart with a $5,750 bred heifer selected by Rockn H Ranch and two yearling daughters at $4,500 and $3,000 to Evans Farms and Brett Cagle.