Rita Cow Family


Deer Valley Rita 4248 

AAA: #17873688

One of the oldest and most impressive daughters of the Select Sires AI sire Deer Valley All In and is a direct daughter of the $250,000 one-half interest Deer Valley Rita 8413.

Her dam is a direct daughter of the world record selling GAR EXT 614 and has earned a record of WR 2@106, YR 2@100, %IMF 11@101, and she has three daughters combining for WR 4@102.



CoX 27R Rita 6026

AAA: #18404745

This outstanding prospect offers elite calving ease with a huge growth spread and she is the first of two flush sisters by Rampage and out of a $33,000 donor that has 32 progeny that ratio 109 for IMF and 106 for RE and stems from the $205,000 valued Rita 3540.



Deer Valley Rita 61134

AAA: #18545974

Rita 61134 is a direct daughter of the featured Rita in the joint embryo programs of Deer Valley and Rutherford Ranches, 1614 sired by the popular Express Ranches herd sire battery member, Resistol 3710B.

The dam of 61134 posts ultrasound ratios IMF 3@114 and REA 3@99. Maternal siblings include: MGR Treasure, the $185,000 top-selling half interest selection of ST Genetics in the 2016 Rutherford Ranches Bull Sale; Rita 4094, the $60,000 top-valued female of the 2015 Rutherford Sale selling half interest to 2 Bar C Cattle Company; Rita 51241, the $50,000 fifth high-selling open heifer of the 2015 Deer Valley Farm Sale selling to HillHouse Angus; Impeccable 4068, the $16,000 second highselling bull of the 2016 Rutherford Bull Sale selling to Westwind Angus and Thorenfeldt Land and Cattle; and Discovery 5005, the $10,500 fourth high-selling bull of that event selected by Pleasant Valley Farm.

Owned with Deer Valley Farms and 4 Sons Farm


Apple Rita 0416

AAA: #18453030

An outstanding donor prospect sired by Ten X and backed by the $300,000 GAR Objective 2345. Her maternal grandam who is a full sister to the popular calving ease sire GAR Progress is also a maternal sister to Deer Valley Rita 1126 who is the dam of Deer Valley Old Hickory.

Owned with 4 Sons Farm, Cynthiana, KY