Henrietta Pride Cow Family


EXAR Henrietta Pride 6770

AAA: #18434861

Henrietta Pride 6770 is the direct daughter of Henrietta pride 643T and an outstanding donor and brood cow sired by the $250,000 multi-trait son of the Express Ranches sire, Consensus 7229, Generation 2100. The dam serves as the cornerstone of the Express Ranches, Deer Valley Farm and Pollard Farms donor programs and is closing in on $4 million in progeny sales. The dam records a WR 2@105 and a YR 1@100 while carrying an ultrasound REA ratio 140@103 with 31 daughters maintaining a combined WR 44@101.

Henrietta Pride 6770 presently ranks among non-parent females in the top 2% for REA; 4% for Milk; 5% for CW and $W; and 10% for WW, YW< $F and $B.

Owned with 4 Sons Farm, Cynthiana, KY