Welcome to Rumor Has It Livestock Farms.

At RHI we are aggressively using the latest technology to help improve our program and supply our customers with the latest and best genetics possible. We are committed to standing behind that product and giving our customers the best service possible.

Our program is in the pursuit of "Superior Angus Genetics." Its target is to create Angus animals with powerful and predictable genetics that are complete and have total-performance. It is based on our building a herd of great females from top cow families that are easy keeping in any environment and produce bulls that can deliver the highest quality.

Our breeding program is simple: only use high accuracy and proven A.I. sires. Bulls that offer calving ease and maternal traits while still producing pounds and performance has been implemented to complement these cow families. With the large and reliable database available from the American Angus Association, as well as strict visual appraisal is what allows our program to have success.

Please remember to visit the contact us page and sign our guest form and feel free to contact us at any time. We would love to answer any questions that you might have, plus we always appreciate feedback from our guests.